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Tico Wells

actor-director-writer-musician-health crusader-football fan

Attended Bowie State, under the renowned Dr. H. D. Flowers, the college theater guru from, 1979-81. He won awards for both acting and directing at Bowie including The Irene Ryan Acting Excellence Award, for his portrayal of David in James Baldwin’s Amen Corner. He finished his undergrad work at New York University (BFA) in Drama. From there he starred in numerous off- Broadway and regional theatre productions, most notably: August Wilson’s, Fences (Alliance Theater, Atlanta), directed by Kenny Leon (A Raisin in the Sun, t.v. and Broadway), George C. Wolfe’s, The Colored Museum, (Center Stage, Baltimore), directed by Lee Richardson, August Wilson’s, Two Trains Running (St. Louis Black Rep.), John H. Redwood’s The Old Settler (World Premiere at the McCarter Theater, NJ and the Longwharf Theatre, CT) directed by Walter Dallas and the original cast of Spunk by George C. Wolfe (Crossroads Theatre, NJ). In New York City, Tico worked with the famed Negro Ensemble Company in The War Party by Leslie Lee and West Memphis Mojo, which was a co-production with Crossroads Theatre Company. He has performed on many New York stages both large and small too numerous to name in the.

Mr. Wells gained his first big national exposure on The Cosby Show, as Dr. Jerry Taylor, who delivered Saundra’s twins. While in New York, Tico performed on television shows and commercials, working with the likes of Denzel Washington, Francis Ford Coppola, Spike Lee, Al Pacino, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and so on. It wasn’t until he got a break with Robert Townsend in The Five Heartbeats, that he felt it was time for Hollywood. He has been out in the land of stars ever since, honing his skills and enjoying the beautiful weather of California. He is a seasoned veteran that never gives up. His movie career includes:  newly released films, Love and Other 4 Letter Words and Sister’s Keeper. Other films are, Forgiveness,Wild Hearts, Monster Makers, One Special Moment, Big Ain’t Bad, All About You, The Relic, The Ernest Green Story, Universal Soldier, Trespass, Mississippi Masasla, The Dream Team. A partial list of television shows are: Bones, All of Us, Wanda Does It, ER, 24, JAG, Drew Carey, Law and Order, Boy Meets World, Martin, Beverly Hills 90210, 227 and so forth.

Mr. Wells, attended The American Film Institute as a director. He has directed several short films and documentaries through his Courtesy is Contagious Productions, Inc. He has taught acting across the country and enjoys giving back to young people.

As a writer, his first book, “Sign Language: Messages from the Heart, the Soul, and Beyond”, is currently available and he is set to release his second book, “30 Days to Peace, Prosperity and Power” in the near future.  He started a peace awareness channel on youtube, called makepeaceu, where he asks the question, “how do we create peace?”. youtube.com/makepeaceu.

Marla Gibbs and Me

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  1. Mesherill Washington says:

    Just dropping by to say hi. I’m glad to see that you are doing well. God Bless.

    • Ava says:

      Hey Tico glad too see you doing so well. I remember you from Bowie State. May you continue on with your success. Stay blessed.

      • Tico Wells says:

        Thanks. You stay blessed to. We are blessed. Yeah Bowie State was a great experience for me. I got to play many roles that I would never have played anywhere else. Our theatre leader Dr. H. D. Flowers, passed away last year. He was a giant ( not because of his size) but because he wanted us to experience so much of what he had been exposed to in theatre history. He wanted us to be professional. He wanted us to know that besides the Shakespeare’s and Greek writers and the American/European writers, that there were and are amazing writers of African descent as well. I got to play lead roles of great substance. Anyway, Bowie State University was a wonderful experience for me. I was originally turned down by NYU, but Bowie accepted me. I was determined to get into NYU because as a teen I met an actor in NYC who told me that that was the school that I should attend. After two years at Bowie, I applied to NYU again and was accepted this time. I know that it was because of my experience at Bowie that made a difference. One love. Tico

    • Cyntag says:

      Nice blog! Proud of you Tico!

      • Tico Wells says:

        Hey the Cyntag! Wanting to use all of my talents each day of my life. The Creator has something special for me to do on this planet. So much violence and so much potential for greatness. Sending you love Tico

  2. Eleanor Baskin says:

    Hi Tico!

    I loved you and the other cast of The Five Heartbeats! I watch this movie every time it comes on television.

    God Bless you!

    Eleanor Baskin

  3. Jimmy Spice Curry says:

    Greetings to a very cool and talented brother. PS: I’m looking to buy an old Volkswagen Beetle someday, thinking about sailing to the Bahamas in it.

    • Tico Wells says:

      We’ve stopped making those my brother. What’s up?

      • Jimmy Spice Curry says:

        Enjoying the job of having these wonderful children I was gifted/granted, and balancing business/creativity with “how to change diapers 101”. :-) Talk again. Spice

  4. Jewell Foster says:

    Hi Tico,
    I can’t believe it’s the 20th anniversary of The Five Heartbeats. Let’s talk soon.

    God is in control,

  5. Curtis Walker says:

    Very nice cuz! Glad all is well with you. Great site!!!

  6. TD says:

    Hi Tico! I met you at a preproduction party when you where in Atlanta filming Big Ain’t Big at 201 Courtland. It was a pleasure to meet you then and it was good seeing you on the BET Awards. Looking forward to seeing more work from you in the future.

  7. Carrie Branch says:

    Hi Tico,

    I am an extremely big fan of yours. I think you are a wonderful actor. You have a beautiful smile that lights up a room. I was wondering if you will be doing any stage plays soon. Also, will you be visiting the Metro Detroit area soon? I would love to meet you in person. I wish you well in all of your endeavors.


    • Tico Wells says:

      Hi there Carrie. Thanks for stopping by. Set up an event and bring me out there. I can do speaking engagements etc. Churches, schools, groups. Thanks. Tico

  8. Pam says:

    Hi Tico! I saw you and the rest of the cast on the Monique show’s tribute to the Five Hearbeats. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years. We met on a plane many years ago and I even got a ride home with you and your mother. It’s good to know that you are doing great!

  9. Dina Smith/ Moore says:

    Hello Tico,

    Praise God from whom all blessing flow. Just wanted to say that we meaning the Moore crew, have been trying to contact you. Maurice’s kids are all grown up and I talk about you all the time how you and Maurice were good friends and how you two loved drama school during your high school years. Much love to you and please get in touch with me.


  10. Thakira Manley says:

    Peace and Blessings,

    From an aspiring actress to a wonderful actor, here’s wishing you much continued success! I just found this site on google, tried to friend you on facebook but I see you have many friends already, lol… Anyway, where can I buy the 2 books and do you plan to have any book signings? God Bless!

  11. hey Tico….this is the guy who played 2nd alto next to you at Laurel Sr. High…….hope the message finds you and your family in good spirit and health

  12. hey tico……….this is the guy who played 2nd alto next to you at
    laurel sr high…….hope and pray this message finds you and your family the great spirit and good health

  13. Thema says:


    How are you? I was looking around the net trying to find out what the name of one of my like-to-watch-at-least-semi-annually movies that you appeared in (just found it; The Relic) and came across your site – very cool! Do your thing, Tico, much love and many blessings <3

  14. Deborah Allen Cox says:

    WOW, I could finally find you on the internet! Keep up the good work. I know you set up this site just so you could find me! Just kidding, LOL. Peace be upon you. Please take care always. Tried to find you on facebook, maybe I’ll succeed someday. I know you will smile when you read this! Love, Debbie.

  15. Christine says:

    Tico, I am thrilled to see your blog!! I also like the blog links you have on here! Let’s catch up soon.

  16. Kristen says:

    Hi Tico!
    First off I want to congratulate you on all your endeavors…You are an awesome actor and person from what I have always heard about you from your dad.I’ve met you a couple of times (but it was years ago…lol)…I’m TK’S goddaughter (your dad and my dad were best friends). Please contact me when you get a chance…I was a drama major and I have some material for you that you may be interested in…

    Take care!

  17. Reginald D. Adams says:

    In Virum Perfectum Brother Wells…

    Hales Franciscan High School C/O 1998

    When you succeed we all succeed.

  18. Jacqueline B.K. says:

    Just want to say hi from Connecticut.We love you Cuz!

  19. Hope you’re doing great Mr “From the Heart, the Soul and Beyond”. Best wishes. Spice.

  20. Lamar DeLoatch says:

    Hi Tico,
    Saw you on the Mon’que Show. You look good. Have not seen you since the passing of your father (TK). The DeLoatch Family misses you. Give us a call the next time you are in the area or NYC.

    Pee Wee

    • Tico Wells says:

      Hey there Lamar how are you? Yeah it’s been a while since T.K. was around. He was a unique cat wasn’t he? He did it his way and touched many lives. HIs perfection was not in being a perfect person but being perfectly himself. I really admired him even though he was tough on me. That was his style of being my father. He taught me a lot and I do miss him. He comes to me in my dreams sometimes. Peace and blessings T

  21. Darran Sampson says:

    Hey Tico Wells!
    Whats UP!! very long time no see. Remember your brother who you ran with and rehearsed lines with long before all the success! Lets catch up bruh!

    • Tico Wells says:

      Hey man what up? How are you doing. What do we do to transform this planet and all the violence? Hope you are creating and expressing your gifts. Writing etc. One love T

      • Darran Sampson says:

        Your soo right about the condition of planet earth. I have completed a pilot tv show called “The Field” about the condition of the planet as it impacts on children. Its been getting a great response thus far!

  22. ND Mitchell says:

    Good Morning, Tico

    You will get a small chuckle from this but I just saw your 227 episode last week on CENTRIC. A young buck, talented, skinny and innocent looking, with a little peach fuzz growing on your chest….LOL. What a great honor to be working with Marla Gibbs, Jackee and special guest star, Joe Clark aka Lean On Me “Batman”.

    • Tico Wells says:

      I actually was in Cali to audition for a pilot called Homeroom but I didn’t get that show. They asked me to audition for 227 and I got it. I didn’t have a place to stay and it was Marla Gilbbs who demanded that they give me a hotel room. I am forever grateful to her for that gesture of caring. I had Christmas with her and her family last year. Peace to ya. T

  23. Lamont says:

    Hey what up tico I love the 5 heartbeats I frist saw it in 1993 and still look at point now I have my lil girl look at it yall did a good job on it god bless u and keep do what u do

  24. Lamont says:

    How do u do it u are great man and know what to say to people man keep that up

  25. Taroue says:

    Glad to see you expressing yourself with this blog. Look forward to reading more about your findings.

    The one and only……Roue

  26. Valerie says:

    Greeting Mr Wells,

    I have been a huge fan of your many years, I think its your smile, it makes me smile. Whenever the world gets the best of me, I put on my pj’s and warm socks, throw in my 5 Heartbeats DVD and I am transported to a better time and place. By the time Eddie King shows up in the parking lot, my worries are gone and all I can think about is you directing the choir in your fathers church. Please know that without ever meeting me or millions of others you have touched all of our lives. Thank you

  27. Talibah says:

    REALLY!! Looked for you on fb found you here. Learning things about you….makepeaceu what’s the mission? We should talk more…given the time difference and all

  28. Hey Tico hope all is well, I left a message a while back saying hello and reminding you how we knew each other. I sang background on a recording of yours, and I gave you my original Guardian Angels T-Shirt on your birthday back in the 1980’s. I hope you remember me and would love to hear from you. My number is 917-971-4756 it is already all over the internet in connection with my wedding entertainment company so I don’t mind posting it.


  29. David Collier says:

    Man, it’s been a long time since Bowie State;-) Not only were you a great actor, but a great vocalist as well. I often tell people that you are one of the “real” Five Heart Beats (The true singer). I’m proud of you; and all that God has blessed you to accomplished. Holla back, so we can talk.


  30. Evelyn Torres says:

    Tico, I aways knew you would make it big. You was determine to make a name for yourself. So happy for you. I never got a chance to tell you these words. I’m aways losing good friends to the business but it’s okay. Business is business. Keep on pushing.

    • Tico Wells says:

      Thanks Evelyn. I don’t feel like I’ve made it. I just live life with as much gratitude as I can. Sending you all the joy in the world. Peace

  31. Hello my family member! I want to say that this article is awesome, great written and include almost all significant infos. I’d like to see extra posts like this .

  32. Tony Tatum says:

    Hello Mr. Wells,

    Your works has been inspirational especially your role in The Five Heartbeats. It is my vision to have you make an appearance of some sort in my Michigan hometown. Can you please put me in contact with the individual(s) that handles your booking? I can contact them or the other way around. Looking forward to doing some great work with u.

    Be blessed,
    Tony Tatum
    678 852 7784

    • Tico Wells says:

      What do you do? What is needed? Someone will get back to you. T

      • Tony Tatum says:

        Hey Mr. Wells, I’m in the process of producing a Stage Play. This it’s most definitely a serious inquiry. Looking forward to someone contacting me regarding your booking info. I would love for you to make a guest appearance.

    Blast from the past! So happy to see that you are doing your thing and putting forth positive on the earth! Let’s talk.

  34. Renee Roberts says:

    Hi, just watched the Five Heartbeats again for the 5th or 6th time. Although the characters in the movie had some issues, it was true to life and I’m sure most of us can identify with that movie.

    I especially loved the fact that you are a singer and your voice rang loud and true.

    It would be a great thing to hear your voice on some of the animated shows that are now at the movies and such. The bottom line is that I want to at least hear you in different shows and its GREAT that you are not one of the statistics that are often spread across the internet and magazines, saying that you are on hard times or that you have committed some kind of horrible crime.

    Please keep up the good work, I am a writer and I actually had writers block, until I watched the show tonight, it (Thank God) unblocked me so that I could finish up this book, I’m writing..

    All the best to you brother and I hope to hear or see you in something very soon.


    • Tico Wells says:

      Thank you for checking in. Much inspiration and creativity with your writing. We need writers especially who have the courage to create beauty in their work. Peace. Tico

  35. Scott Green says:

    What’s up my man? It’s been a while. Let’s catch up when time permits!

  36. Pam Heath says:

    Just stopping by to say “HI” so glad to see you’re doing well!


  38. Applewhaite says:

    Tico, long time since grade school in NYC. I recall your statement then about becoming an Actor like Tico Sr. Following your passion is a great thing. I graduated from Pace University; occupation social worker. Married with five sons. Life has been kind. I was excited when I saw the Five Heartbeats, I told my kids about dating you in grade school. Then my heart was broken when you moved away. Time flies when you’re working hard and having fun. My grey hair is coming in too, a testament of the journey.

    • Tico Wells says:

      Shout out to Pam Applewhaite! Long time no hear from. Joy to you and your family. T

      • teresa Patterson Charles says:

        Hi Tico

        How are you, just want you to know that I’m very proud of you. We went to Laurel High school, my maiden name in1978 was Patterson. Do you have our year book. I wish you great success.

  39. Adam Lee III says:

    Hey Tico,
    Back in the late seventies you were in a film project in Washington D.C. My mother Phyllis L. Baker played the part of your mother and I was in the project as well. Actually, you and I auditioned for the lead role, but you beat me out. I ended up getting a part as one of your classmates. I don’t know if you remember this and I don’t remember much myself, other than your character played the saxophone. I have been trying to get my hands on a copy of this film, but don’t know were to begin. If you read this, please contact me by email. I put a couple of projects I was able to get on youtube. Type in Vanbuckner90 and/or Adam Lee III and you will see some what my mother and I did back in the day. I am 51 years old now and a commander on the Atlanta Police Department.

  40. Barry E. Nelson says:

    Hey Tico,
    When are you going to strap on the ole tener and jam with me like we did in the old days?!?!

    Ya’ know you I got nothing but love for you baby!
    Ex-Trinity member

  41. Ja'Nay Wynn says:

    Hey Tico,

    So I am a big fan of the Cosby’s. I will try to make it short. I just saw 42 about Jacki Robinson and the charterer playing him had so many attributes that I saw in you when you played Saundra’s OBGYN on the Cosby’s. This is a stretch, but does that happen to be your son. If you don’t know about him, you might want to look into it. Maybe ab ooppps situation LOL he smiles and looks so much like you. If not, you two are still suave and handsome. Would love to meet you! Im single and liked you back when I was in elementary school and still do…..

  42. soraya says:

    Hi Tico
    I don’t know if you remember me but I lived in your Dad’s building on Riverside Drive. I have watched your career over the years and remember you saying you wanted to be an actor someday… God bless you

    your neighbor

  43. Edward Waters Jr says:

    Checking out the five heartbeats tonight “Love this movie” and remember my brother telling me you and he were cool friends at Bowie State ( Timothy Smith ) he studied drama theater while at Bowie also. Check out all your movies when they air them, glad to see your much success. Wish you much more…take care brother.

  44. Rashada B says:

    It was nice to have met you at the Blue and Gold event in San Diego. You are very talented and even more handsome in person. God bless and keep up the great work you do!

  45. catherine Charles says:

    I was so excited to see you while inwsnc.,thati was too aggressive,I hope you remembber me.if I had a chance to do it allagqin,I woULD NOT SAY A THING TO YOU.YOU EAKY HAD ME NERVOUS.AND EXTREMELY HANDSOME IN PERSON.hAVE A BLESSED AND PROSPEROUS LIFE.

  46. Akua says:

    That hat is hurtin’ my feelings…

    Note: 2nd picture…wow.

  47. Dee. Davis says:

    Requesting information on booking you for an event January 2014

  48. Najee Williams says:

    Brother Tico! How the heck are you? It’s been too many years, my brother. Hit me back! Hope all is well.

  49. Evelyn says:

    Hey Tico,
    Long time no hear and been looking for you. Congrats on all success!

  50. Torryn brown McCauley says:

    Hi Tico! I really loved you In the Five Heartbeats I’ve watched this movie over 10 times it’s one of my all time favorites keep up the good work God bless you … I hope to hear back from you .

    • Tico Wells says:


    • Tico Wells says:

      Hi sorry it took a while to respond. Every time I hear praise about the Five Heartbeats, it gives me courage to continue out here in Hollywood. Robert Townsend, and I talk often and we encourage each other to be our best. He is still do his creative thing and I’m still acting, teaching and learning about natural healing and spirituality. Robert is a special cat and he gave the world something very beautiful. I’m grateful to be associated with the film. Thanks for taking the time to reach out. Peace.

  51. ND Mitchell says:

    I just watched David E Talbert’s What Goes Around…Comes Around on BET a few weeks ago. Job well done!

    • Tico Wells says:

      Thanks so much. I’m still striving to find more opportunities to express my talent. I never give up and I’m still learning to be a great artist and to be myself as I grow as a human being. I just want to have a great life and inspire others to do the same. Peace

  52. Reginald Adams says:

    “In Virum Perfectum”

  53. Milton Lewis aka Buddha says:

    I sure miss u.I’m not im not in landover md im D.C. now give me a call.Still like those redskins?

    • Tico Wells says:

      Hey everyone, this is Buddha Lewis. The great star athlete from P.G.County, Md. Same place where Kevin Durant grew up.My great friend from Landover, MD aka Columbia Park, MD aka Kentland. My comrade in sports. We played football and baseball for Kentland Boys and Girls Club in the early seventies. Buddha was a star for us in football ( line-backer and running back). Buddha, I had so many great thoughts of us in those days. We won two out of three championships together and I’m so happy to be back in touch. You inspired us so much with your drive and talent and made us all better players and people. You could do just about everything on the field in all three phases of the game. I thank God that I got to play with you and be encouraged by you and the other guys. God bless you and we’ll see each other real soon. Love you man. Tico

  54. Angela Lloyd says:

    Hello Tico Wells. I am glad to find your blog while I am watching the five heartbeats on Fuse. I had the pleasure of meeting u in Little Rock, Arkansas while filming the Ernest Green story. I am glad u are still speaking with humility. My daughter eats prune to this day because of your introduction. Pray all is well and look forward in seeing u in more films.

    • Tico Wells says:

      Thanks so much. Our food is being challenged everyday by big businesses trying to sell their products. They aren’t bad people necessarily, they were taught that money is the most important thing to their survival. I do my best to eat organic however, I eat in restaurants sometimes that don’t serve organic food. I do my best. That’s all there is. Do your best. Peace.

  55. Joe Clark says:

    Hey Tico, its been a while since we last talked. I am overwhelmed with joy that life is treating you good. Everytime I see you on any shows or plays on tv, I call my family and we all watch you and have discussions with joy about your success, you are family to us man…. I always knew that you would succeed in life and rise to the top. My family and I always talk about you and what a great friend you are. It would be nice to have a reunion someday with the all the old crew (Donald, Dwayne, Tony, Luther you and ofcourse me lol) old crew from Landover Hills.

  56. Jocelyn Barron - Chaplin says:

    Hey Tico,

    This is your cousin Jocelyn from Lanham. I hope all is well. I would love touch basis with you!

  57. Sean P says:

    What’s good brother. Glad to see you still hard at work. It’s been MANY years since you dropped by Second Genesis and chilled with your homie Maurice and myself. My family and I will never forget that. Much love and blessings brother.

  58. Michelle A Samiee says:

    Hi…I had the pleasure of meeting you as a young girl through Mr. Fisher. You came and meet my family. I hope all is well. Be Blessed!

  59. Lesley says:

    Is it true Five Heartbeats might have a second installment. I hope you guys can get back together and make another movie or something. The movie was really good. I hope that the original cast or most can do another project. My heart goes out to Michael Wright. I hope he is okay and doing fine. I know it’s not easy getting a project together, but it would be cool to see the old gang back together again. Maybe you all could do an Unsung episode; just saying. Wish you all the best.

    • Tico Wells says:

      Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate it. Saw Michael earlier this year. I’m sure he’d appreciate that as well. The Five Heartbeats was 24 years ago for me and the fellas. That film will live for as long as it does and we all are grateful. Robert had a certain entree into Hollywood at that time and I was fortunate enough to contribute. Maybe if you are a writer, you can write something along those lines, but for now, 20th Century owns that film and as far as a sequel I’m not privy. Blessings to you. Peace

  60. Serafin Rivera says:

    Tico it has definitely been a long time. Remember this “Why why why why whyyyyyyy did we lose out on our love band?” I still remember the song. I contacted you here 2 years ago and I just saw that you replied asking for my email address. Well here it is serafinlive@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you.

  61. Marilyn Moore says:

    Hi Tico! It is great to see that you are doing well and still actively working. I met you a very long time ago! You visited Laurel High…I think I was in the 11th or 12th grade at the time (1996 or 1997)…I can’t remember, old age I guess! Lol…I pray for your continued success and thanks for playing one of my favorite characters ever…Choir boy!

  62. Robin says:

    Hi Tico,

    Wow I was thinking back on the Five Heartbeats and grooving to some of the music. What a timeless movie. It would be nice to have a sequel to see how life evolved for each of the characters. But, I believe I lived a few houses down from your Mom in Maryland (2nd or third townhouse from the end). If I am right I saw you well quite a few years ago late 1990’s..it was a townhouse development. I was headed to work on a Monday morning and you walked up and asked “is today trash day”. I thought your face looked familiar (you had a couple of other fellows with you)…but thought naw no way this guy is from that movie out a few years ago Five Heartbeats. If it was you your Mom was a terrific neighbor and very nice. Blessings….former resident of Hanbury Ct….

  63. Arnie Mallory says:

    Hey Tico, this is Arnie Mallory from Laurel. Congrats and God’s continued blessings on your success. It has been forever man, and I live in San Diego now. Let’s try to catch up when your schedule permits. All the best man.

  64. Terry Barber says:

    Greetings from Maryland. A group of us from LHS were talking on FB the other night and it turns out we were all watching The Five Heartbeats. Glad to see you are doing well and have career success. As the mom of a dancer, I know the tough sacrifices it takes to make it.

  65. Leon Washington says:

    What’s up Tico!!! It’s been a while my brother.. This is Leon from Bowie State..we where in the Jazz ensemble together.. I ran into you in LA back in 90’s..Just wanted to stop by a say hello..Keep doing you my brother.. stay blessed!!

  66. KH says:

    Hi Tico,

    Huge fan of your body of work and humble spirit. Is there a dream role that you have always wanted to play?

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