MakepeaceU is my new project to create a conversation in the world about peace. The question is asked, “How do we create peace?”. The answers are varied. This is a beginning to developing our skill set when it comes to having and being peace. We study all kinds of subjects in school but I’m not sure that I had a “peace class”. We are seeking to establish a paradigm called peace training. I’ve heard the politicians refer to peace-keeping missions in which millions of humans are literally blown to death and countries destroyed. That did not seem like peace to me. Peace to me is a state of well being and love and harmony with self and environment. I believe that earthlings are capable of such a state of existence. I believe that peace has to become more profitable than war. It has to become as natural as breathing. It starts from within and emanates outward. With that, check out our youtube channel. And very soon, Here are a few clips. And I will edit a trailer for this page as soon as I get a minute. Thanks to imovie, garageband and youtube. Also, thanks to the many gracious souls that have taken the time to participate in this conversation called, MakepeaceU. One love.





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  1. Kelli Young says:

    Please send info for booking to the provided email address.

  2. Dina Smith/ Moore says:

    Hello Tico,

    This Dina Smith / You know me as Dina Moore, the former wife of Maurice Moore. We meaning the Moore’s have been trying to contact you. The kids who are now grown adult would like to see you. I have told them many of stories about you and their dad. And of course the Five Heart Beat is one of our favorite movies, with you singing that lead as Choir Boy. God bless you, and hope to hear from you soon.


  3. Tavia says:


    • Tico Wells says:

      Sometimes those that say they are freedom fighters are terrorist and those that seem like terrorist are freedom fighters. I’m not for violence on any level. Not any level. My teachers in school told us not to fight each other but I could never understand those same teachers calling those killing other people in war, heroes. If you shoot someone does that make you a hero? Is Zimmerman a hero for killing Martin? I believe that humans can elevate beyond that type of insanity but it must be instilled in the people over time. Right now we are being taught patriotism which to me is like racism for countries. It always benefits the big corporations. The office of president seems to make murderers out of those that hold the office. I don’t blame them, we just haven’t evolved to that point yet. Religions usually have some tenet about peace but they seem to support killing when it is convenient for them. I was shown the ten commandments at an early age but it didn’t seem to apply all the time. It only applies when in church or when someone was preaching. Other than that, the church praised killers if they were killing for a living, legally. I was very confused. Murder and violence are codes of nature to many. Many think that humans cannot rise beyond killing each other. A percentage of folks however are non-violent in their beliefs and have to stay strong in their conviction about it. Why can one country have nuclear weapons but it’s not cool for another to have it. Isn’t nuclear power dangerous to everybody? I only hear of guns in the home hurting the people who own the weapon. Never do I hear of guns protecting those in the home. Guns are for one purpose. To kill! And we wonder why we have so many murders in this world. Anyway, the conversation is Peace throughout the universe. It’s a worthy ideal.

      • Shastan Mann says:

        Those are the most profound words that I’ve ever read, only if we can rise above the thinking that murder is only solution!. I know I’m a johnny-come-lately but I love you as an actor BUT even more has a human being!!
        Keep shining your light bright!
        Peace and Love
        P. S would love to read some of your work!

  4. Lamont says:

    Hey tico my name is lamont I am young actor from florida I have been tryin to make it big for a long time and I am a rapper I did shows with t pain ,trina,rick ross,plies,trick daddy,and wayne my auntie name is dot brown the fat boys mother I have called all a round tryin to make it big I even email robert but have not heard nothin for him so what I am asking id for u to help me I am not askin for no money just for your help I am a good actor just need a lil help thank u and please

    • Tico Wells says:

      See yourself acting and making a difference. Get up today and call the nearest theatre and go audition. Believe in a power higher than yourself to carry you through. Write a script this weekend and get a camera and small crew and make a movie and cast yourself. Write a play and cast yourself. I just directed a play in Berkeley, CA called The Old Settler. I found the theatre by sending out an email to about 30 or 40 theatres and let them know that I wanted to direct. Start where you are in Florida. Read scripts everyday and read out loud. You’re going to make it. Peace.

  5. Lamont says:

    Thank u but where I am from we do have one thats why I ask for your help but if u have any more ideas email me at thank you

  6. Lorraine Valenzuela says:

    I believe that peace must start from within. To feel at peace with yourself, to never assume and not take anything personal is freedom! When your at peace the people around yoU will take notice and the change begins. Learn to be at peace within and see what happens.

  7. Lamont says:

    Hey I have a ? Was that y’all really sing those song on the five heartbeats

  8. My apologies for the errors. Here is a corrected version:

    Peace Brother,

    Its been awhile since we spoke and we need to do better. Anyhow, I want to say to you that peace is coming and we the people are at a place to where many more are calling for an end to war, violence and racism. We are living in the time of evolvement of all of humanity even though it shows little evidence at this time. However, if you look there are more and more signs becoming obvious and the people are beginning to think for themselves and demanding positive change. Look at the many countries where people are rising up for justice and truth. The time is near to where those that are living and acting from the negative side of life will be finished and the light will shine, The time of peace and prosperity is coming sooner than many may know. Each individual has to evolve and grow into a person with truth, integrity and love and realize that we are all indelibly connected no matter where we are on earth and that we are each others brothers and sisters keeper. When we all realize this truth a great shift in consciousness will take place. It will change in the human template of possibilities and potential paving the way for it to become the hundredth monkey effect.
    Love and Magic!

  9. sherrie woodland says:

    Hey Tico………… has been many years since herbal classes with Artie . So happy to see you still climbing. You always been a positive and conscientious man with a big vision and heart. Kool Moe my old alumni tells me you two cross paths at times. Would love to hear from you.

  10. Candes B. says:

    “I Feel Like Going On” is one of my favorite songs from the movie, “The Five Heartbeats.” I truly appreciated your character, Anthony Stone, a.k.a. Choir Boy. I still enjoy watching it and listening to the incredible vocals 22 years later. “You Rock.” Great to know you’re doing just fine. Take care.

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