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I’m Just Sayin’ with host Carla Gee Presents

TICO WELLS talking about health


4 Responses to Audio

  1. Rene says:

    Nice show on health. Nice blog.

  2. Michele says:

    I think that you are an amazing actor. I love your movies and what you represent- love, wellness & transformation-
    I would love to hear more

    • Tico Wells says:

      Thanks. I am here to express and lift my consciousness to another level each day. As we awaken, we will experience more love and freedom. Feel free to stop by the MakepeaceU Store and grab a tee shirt or something to support the cause. Peace to you Michel. TW

  3. Jimmy Spice Curry says:

    It’s great that you keep seeking ways to use your talent to uplift others. And with the various health challenges that people face, they should continue to search out such wisdom. Continue your empowering path, Tico!

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