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This is my first blog in quite some time. I have been hesitant to write lately because I have not known what to write or I’ve kept my thoughts to myself. I was watching The Raiders and Steelers game and got choked up when Darrius Heyward-Bey got knocked out. I love football and hate to see players get hurt. They work so hard to have their worlds turned upside down in an instant. Yet the possibility of someone getting the crap knocked out of them is part of the allure of the game. Hard hits mean getting a rush.

Heyward-Bey on stretcher

Last night I was at a party where the UFC 152 was shown. That’s the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Anyway as I was watching Jon “Bones” Jones, retain his light heavyweight title against Vitor Belfort. I asked myself, “and we like watching this because????”. I couldn’t really answer other than that there is something sadistic about some of us in this world. Well, as much as I love football and martial arts, they are crazy activities.

Dick Gregory, told a story once about men. He said that if you told a man to drive his car down to a big parking lot, there will be eleven cars lined up on one side facing ten cars lined up on the other side. Tell the man to line up next to the last car on the side with ten cars. There will be a man in a striped shirt with a loud horn. When he blows the horn both sides will ram their cars into the opposing side of cars. The man said no way. Next Gregory said that if he asked twenty two men to line up facing each other eleven on each side and said to ram the most precious thing that God gave them into each other, they would jump up and down with joy and excitement. We protect dogs better than some athletes. Michael Vick went to prison for dog fighting but MMA is cool. Jon Jones suffered a painful injury to his arm and poor Vitor, well… he got the crap beat out of him. Oh yeah but they are more intelligent than dogs right? I forgot.

I love sports. Don’t know why. I wish them all health. It’s better to me than war.


Jon Jones interview–jon-jones-defends-honor–title-with-light-heavyweight-defense-against-vitor-belfort.html

Jon "Bones" Jones

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