Money: is it Happiness

I’ve been hearing a lot about what rich black people are not doing. Especially when they get paid and accepted by the rich power structure. People think that if a person has a lot of money that they have an obligation to help other people to get money and things. Well unless those people have that desire, then they are going to take care of their own. Remember consciousness dictates behavior. If you are chasing the spoils of this system, then you become a product of this system.¬† Entertainers and athletes particularly in the black community are held to a high standard to be something that others are not. The “common person” works for a multi-national¬† corporation, and he is looked at as having a good job even if that company is killing the planet, but if an entertainer is creating “dumb down” work, they become the only target of criticism. We praised and encouraged them for their talent but did not train them to nation build. Then when they make lots of money and don’t know what to do with it, we are dumbfounded. Well who taught them?

People always ask me why don’t other blacks help me with my career. No one taught my community to help me. If I wait on the other folk who have made it into the big studios to help me, I’d be dead. I get support from like minded people of all backgrounds.

We all are caught up in a greedy society. We blame people for an old mentality that is corrupt and needs transformation. Whether or not you have money, being solution oriented is a every person thing. If you have no consciousness about uplifting the planet, then how can you make a difference? You won’t. We have to begin to study life. To put in the work to know thyself. To know the God force within you.

Don’t look to Oprah to solve your problems. Don’t look to Obama/Trump to solve your problems. Don’t think Bill Gates to solve your problem. Learn to survive and thrive regardless of your economic situation. People survived throughout history without money, without anything but themselves and their communities and their spirituality. Turn off this blog. Take some time to find your true self. Stop blaming rich people for all of our problems people.

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  1. Camille Webb says:

    Hey tico, my name is camille webb and I am a major fan of yours and I am the little girl who gave you cookies and knew you thru other avenues. I miss you and your dad. You are a shining star still.

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