Power in the Midst of…

How do we keep a fresh and positive outlook when there is so much ugliness in the world? Well I keep hearing this line that says, “be in it but not of it”.  Be in it but not of it.  Wow.  I’m human. I see the hurtful things and the evil that is out there. How do I keep that stuff away from me and those I care about. Well I’m not so sure that that’s how it works.

First of all, what am I controlling? Not much if I look around. Things break down all the time from a mental, spiritual, physical perspective. No control there. Even with the best training and prayer, no control. Two teams pray to win prior to the start of a game. Only one team wins. Prayer doesn’t control the outcome but it influences our mood. Builds our courage and faith. It is a ritual to get us into the zone of action. It is a place to stand confidently not an end result.

When you feel low, do something that builds positive energy around you. Take time to be grateful for the small things. Take a moment to love yourself and then those around you. Breathe and know that all is well in the real world. Maybe not in the illusion of the real world you may have of the real world, but out in the universe we are a small planet spinning around in space. A dot on the map of the cosmos. Get over yourself and start to live. No matter what is going on. Be straight with how you feel then create the new refreshed you with your own inner power.  Things maybe better than you think and you haven’t seen the end yet. Keep the faith. Start small and take one powerful action toward the life you want. You can have it.



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  1. Guest Curry says:

    What a very interesting post. More people should read it and respond.

    The notion of prayer is one flawed and steeped in myth. Yes there is probably a higher power (some mistakenly call God) but other than that we are all on our own until we find a mate or friend, or family to believe in us (as we believe in them).

    You, Tico, have a good heart. Continue to see if the family, friends, lady/? you have also supports that vision. Sometimes in life we think and say one thing but do another. You are on the right path continue to honestly assess yourself, your relationships, your goals, and determine what needs to improve, what stays, what goes, etc.

    The solutions always start with the “person”. All the best in your quest for peaceful success. Signed: A guest.

    • Tico Wells says:

      God is a universal name or identification of the Creative process that is perceived by humans but not totally understood. Prayer and faith to me are principals that create a sense of connection and comfort. Belief is very powerful. Belief is not inherently truth but can become truth in the mind of the believer. Spiritual practices give us a sense of hope and security that we can get through this life safely. Prayer is communicating with our higher power or divine self or deity. Prayer is cool to me. A tool.


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