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Happy Everyday!

Special to thanks to all who have visited this blog this year and to all who reached out to contact me. I do have a question for everybody concerning blessings. Do we have to ask for blessings? Is  being blessed … Continue reading

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Healthy Meals

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Tebow Time! Denver Does it Again!

Check out this auto tune song about Tim Tebow. Great stuff. I guess you can tell I’m a football fan huh? <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>   Broncos win in overtime again. 13-10 against the Chicago Bears today December … Continue reading

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Meeting the Pres.

I’d love to meet Obama. I’d like to be able to speak to him and have him tell me the truth about what he has learned and who he is and what he is doing. Is he a good man … Continue reading

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60 Minutes says that over a million people have been tasered in this country. What the hell is going on here? God help us. The two brothers that run the company have a monopoly on this device (100,000,000 dollars annually) … Continue reading

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If science is advancing, then why are we getting sicker? Genetically modifying our food but is our health getting better? Hmmm.

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