Money: is it Happiness

I’ve been hearing a lot about what rich black people are not doing. Especially when they get paid and accepted by the rich power structure. People think that if a person has a lot of money that they have an obligation to help other people to get money and things. Well unless those people have that desire, then they are going to take care of their own. Remember consciousness dictates behavior. If you are chasing the spoils of this system, then you become a product of this system.  Entertainers and athletes particularly in the black community are held to a high standard to be something that others are not. The “common person” works for a multi-national  corporation, and he is looked at as having a good job even if that company is killing the planet, but if an entertainer is creating “dumb down” work, they become the only target of criticism. We praised and encouraged them for their talent but did not train them to nation build. Then when they make lots of money and don’t know what to do with it, we are dumbfounded. Well who taught them?

People always ask me why don’t other blacks help me with my career. No one taught my community to help me. If I wait on the other folk who have made it into the big studios to help me, I’d be dead. I get support from like minded people of all backgrounds.

We all are caught up in a greedy society. We blame people for an old mentality that is corrupt and needs transformation. Whether or not you have money, being solution oriented is a every person thing. If you have no consciousness about uplifting the planet, then how can you make a difference? You won’t. We have to begin to study life. To put in the work to know thyself. To know the God force within you.

Don’t look to Oprah to solve your problems. Don’t look to Obama/Trump to solve your problems. Don’t think Bill Gates to solve your problem. Learn to survive and thrive regardless of your economic situation. People survived throughout history without money, without anything but themselves and their communities and their spirituality. Turn off this blog. Take some time to find your true self. Stop blaming rich people for all of our problems people.

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United Voices of Youth Community Literacy Mixer

Hey there folks come out tonight and join us for a specially event to promote youth literacy. I’ll be a guest speaker along with many notables from the community. Event location is, Councilmember Curren D. Price Jr’s New 9th District Community Center, 4301 S. Central Avenue, Los Angeles 90011 on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 from 5:30pm -8pm.

United Voices of Youth Community Literacy Mixer on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 in Los Angeles.  United Voices of Youth (UVOY) is taking a lead and addressing adult illiteracy in South Los Angeles and the surrounding communities.  UVOY is a grass-roots organization tackling a daunting issue that cannot be address without true collaboration.  We are grateful to the support, guidance and the wealth of knowledge being shared among community minded individuals.

Senator Holly Mitchell’s office and UVOY organized the first Literacy Roundtable with several community leaders for a discussion to address illiteracy as it relates to Health Literacy, Financial Literacy, Cultural Literacy, Reading Literacy and the Re-Entry Programs.  Panelists included USC School of Social Work, Los Angeles Urban League, Centro Latino for Literacy, Los Angeles Public Library Adult Literacy Department, Kaiser Permanente, UCLA Afrikan Student Union to name a few.  The findings from this powerful discussion will be presented to an audience of 50+ individuals at the Community Literacy Mixer.

The Community Literacy Mixer will be held at Councilmember Curren D. Price Jr’s New 9th District Community Center, 4301 S. Central Avenue, Los Angeles 90011 on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 from 5:30pm -8pm.  Networking will be from 5:30-6pm and the program starts at 6pm.  The Mixer will be an intimate informative event which includes Food, Entertainment and Speakers all centered on Literacy.  We will be addressing an audience of nonprofit and social service agencies, community leaders, teachers and individuals who are knowledgeable and committed to improving the literacy rates of individuals in some of Los Angeles’ most impoverished communities.

Please join us and support these efforts.

United Voices of Youth provides the adult literacy program Back 2 Basics (B2B) which is a research-based literacy program that teaches basic literacy skills using phonics to English speaking individuals ages 16 and up.  Our pilot program began in the offices of the California African American Museum and has continued to grow.  The Back 2 Basics program offers one-to-one tutoring in a safe and supportive classroom setting.  The curriculum uses music, rhythm and rhyme in its diverse lesson plans.   Results of the Back 2 Basics program show that 80% of participants have improved their literacy skills in just 24 hours – the number of hours spent in the program in 6-weeks! The innovative curriculum, individual care and the one-to-one tutoring are all elements of the success of the program.  Please visit the website at to see how the program works.

Leah Sayles
Founder and President
United Voices of Youth (UVOY)

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Tico Wells joins The Larry Dunn Orchestra

The Larry Dunn Orchestra

July 19th at the Burbank Starlight Bowl!

Larry Dunn                                                         Tico Wells


Blesings to all. I’m honored to be singing with legendary keyboardist of Earth Wind and Fire fame, Larry Dunn, and the Larry Dunn Orchestra. Saturday July 19th, 2014 at the Burbank Starlight Bowl.

The Larry Dunn Orchestra will present a tribute show to the music of Earth Wind and Fire. We’ll  be doing some of the EWF’s all time great hits !

Tickets on sale now. Come check us out as we do a tribute concert to the music of Earth Wind and Fire. It’s going to be lots of fun and joy. See you there. July 19th at the Burbank Starlight Bowl. Special guests, The Platinum Groove. Concert starts at 6:30pm. Parking 4:30pm gates open at 5:30pm.



Larry and his wife LDO vocalist, Luisa Dunn

Luisa Dunn, Procton Bonnell III, Leslie Smith and Tico Wells are vocalist for LDO.
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Kevin Durant MVP


This is my first blog of 2014. I just saw Kevin Durant’s speech after he won the Kia 2013 Most Valuable Player Award for the NBA. I’ve seen several of these speeches. Dennis Rodman’s being one of my favs until now. Kevin Durant, who grew up in the same county as me, Prince George’s County, MD, really showed humility and grace while accepting this prestigious trophy. He had a single mom like myself and said that his mom is the real MVP. I thank him for reminding me that my mom was my MVP as well. She is the reason I’m here today. My mom is and was the rock that got me over the hump so to speak. Here’s Kevin’s speech if you didn’t catch it.

part 1

part 2

part 3

Thanks Kevin for the inspiration. You make me proud to be from P.G. County.

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No Judgement

You really don’t know a person’s potential. Don’t underestimate or judge a person.

Let Go
Let God

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A Story of Love w/ Carlos Santana and Marcus “The Magnificent” Malone

My friend sent me this youtube clip that just brought me to my knees with tears of hope and love. Carlos Santana, was reunited with his former conga player, Marcus”The Magnificent” Malone, who was living on the streets. Bay Area, KRON-TV, reporter, Stanley Roberts, was the man who made all this happen. Thank God for goodness.

And now, says Santana:

“I want to offer my brother Marcus Malone an opportunity to record on the next album with the original band, with Greg Rolie. We wrote a song for him called Magnificent Marcus Malone. We want him to play on it and we’re going to start, Lord willing, in January or February. So I would like to get him some congas so he can get his hands hard again because he hasn’t been playing the congas in a while.”

Tears flow as I post this, Santana, Live at the Filmore, featuring Marcus “The Magnificent” Malone:

One Love

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Inside Acting Radio Show

Check me out tonight on Inside Acting with actor/writer, William Powell. Inside Acting . Wednesday January 8, 2014. 7 pm pst. We’ll shoot the shop talk about the biz and the work. Peace T


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I Wish I had the Courage to blog

I wish I had the courage to blog about something that I feel could make a difference. But I have nothing to sell on Black Friday.  Nobody would read it and if it was heavy no one would believe it.

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Happy Holidays!



May all seasons be as peaceful as this time is. People acting friendly, smiling. People spending time with family and friends. Also, some feel alone and sad at this time. The word of the day is gratitude. Be thankful for the opportunity to live and breathe on this planet. Not just how much you have but for the possibilities of what you can become.


One Love,


Tico Wells

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Goodbye Chuck Patterson! R.I.P.

Chuck Patterson,actor, director

One of my first fathers in the theater was/is Chuck Patterson, who made his transition to the next world this past Monday. He played my father in a workshop play called, New Orleans, by Toni Morrison, in New York City, between my junior and senior years at NYU. Eight years later he played Jimmy Potter, our manager, in The Five Heartbeats. Chuck was a brilliant man and artist. Thanks for being so caring to me during the days of $190 per week plus train fare. We’ll all miss you much. May you rest in peace. God bless.

Chuck Patterson (Actor) brief bio       
(Eli) Broadway: Two Trains Running, Death of a Salesman (with George C. Scott), Gospel at Colonus, All God’s Chillun’ Got Wings, Home, and Proposals. Off-Broadway and Regional: Jitney, The Odyssey, Everybody’s Ruby, Blade to the Heat, Driving Miss Daisy, The African Company Presents Richard III, Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, Miss Evers’Boys, A Soldier’s Play, Fences, Othello, A Lesson from Aloes, and Twelve Angry Men. Film and Television: The Amazing Jett Jackson, The Five Heartbeats, The Royale, Vengeance: The Story Of Tony Cimo, Law & Order, New York Undercover, and Spenser For Hire. As an associate artist in directing at The Cleveland Playhouse, Chuck directed mainstage productions of Two Trains Running, Blues for an Alabama Sky, The Amen Corner, Crumbs from The Table of Joy, and The Piano Lesson.

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